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Hello 2-week old newborn baby Lilly! She could be a baby model for sure.

With all of her outfit changes, I think 2 week old baby Lilly could do some serious newborn modeling.  :)  She decided to do most of her sleeping towards the end of our photo shoot (go figure), but I am happy to have captured all of the different looks that she has!  Congrats to mom and dad, she is beautiful.

Newborn 2.5 weeks blog
Newborn 2.5 weeks blog3
Newborn 2.5 weeks blog2
Newborn 2.5 weeks blog4
Newborn 2.5 weeks blog5
Newborn 2.5 weeks blog7
Newborn 2.5 weeks blog8
Newborn 2.5 weeks blog9
Newborn 2.5 weeks blog10
Newborn 2.5 weeks blog6


After our newborn studio session bonus shots!

One of the best things about having a home based newborn studio is that I get to snap off a few photos of my own kids on occasion when they allow it!  To be exact they give me 10 and 20 seconds each about once every other month.  Just enough to capture their silly little personalities.  :)

kids studio portraits
family studio sept 2
family studio sept 3
family studio sept 4
family studio sept 5
family studio sept 6





Meet 2-week old Baby Lilly! Newborn Baby Photographer Orange County

There is nothing quite like the first weeks in a newborn baby’s life, as they change so rapidly.  In a perfect world, I prefer to photograph a newborn in the first week of life.  So at 2 1/2 weeks old, I was thrilled that we were still able to achieve newborn photos of sweet baby Lilly, due to her smaller size and pleasant disposition.  She even gave us a couple of baby portraits with her eyes wide open.  I love this shot from our newborn session this past weekend.  More sneak peaks to follow!

Newborn 2 weeks blog