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Newborn Baby Photography Book from our studio session with baby Jaden at 2-weeks old.

I am always amazed at how fast babies grow and change. Time is so precious, it really does go by too fast. Mine are now 5 and 3 1/2 years old and feel so grown up already! This 2-page spread is from a newborn baby book that I just completed.

layflat book6


Newborn Baby Photographer in Orange County, 2-week old studio photos

How adorable is this sweet 2-week old baby boy!  While I always try to photograph a newborn baby between 4-7 days old, there is a slight advantage to photographing older babies – You can usually catch a couple of shots with their eyes open.  Sessions can be a lot more challenging however.  The older the baby is, typically the less they want to go into a deep sleep and curl up into different positions.  Here are some favorites from our studio newborn (2-week old) session.  :)

Newborn Baby Studio Photos
newborn christmas blog2
Newborn Christmas Blog3
newborn Christmas blog4
Newborn Christmas Blog5
Newborn Christmas Blog6
newborn Christmas Blog7
Newborn Christmas Blog8
newborn christmas blog9
Newborn Christmas Blog10
newborn Christmas Blog10a