• Things that make me happy.
    Coffee...the yummy kind from Hawaii
    My 5 year old boy Noah and 3 year old little girl Elly
    Sleeping in til 7:00am
    The ocean, swimming in it
    Dark chocolate almonds
    Getting a workout in
    Green Drinks
    Spicy Red Wine
    Nice photos!

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I just finished another newborn album. Check out the new gold sparkles!

I am loving these gold sparkles for designing the layflat books!  There’s nothing like a little bling to add some personality.  :)

layflat book layout3
layflat book layout4
layflat book layout5
layflat book layout6


Newborn Portraits, Welcome to the world to 5-day old baby Jasper!

The best time to photograph your newborn and take newborn/baby portraits is between 4-10 days old and preferably the first week of life.  The reasons why are because the baby’s joints are more “bendable” this early on, they tend to sleep deeper and settle so we can achieve the best positions, the colic and also baby acne typically hasn’t set in yet, and we are able to take more photos in different positions vs an older baby.  So I was very happy that little baby Jasper was able to come into the home studio when he was just 5 days old.  Our session was a long one at almost 4 hours, but I am extremely happy with the end results.  Seriously, how adorable is this little baby boy!  And mom and dad did great with their wardrobe changes and patience throughout our session too.  :)  If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Orange County please contact me as soon as possible with your due date.  My clients always text me from the hospital to get scheduled as soon as possible once the baby arrives.  These are my favorites from our 5-day old newborn studio session.  :)

newborn baseball 1
newborn baseball 2
newborn baseball 3
newborn baseball 4
newborn baseball 5
newborn baseball 6
newborn baseball 7
newborn baseball 8
newborn baseball 9
newborn baseball 10
newborn baseball 11