• Things that make me happy.
    Coffee...the yummy kind from Hawaii
    My 4 year old boy Noah and 2 1/2 year old little girl Elly
    Sleeping in til 7:00am
    Not waking up at 4am
    The ocean, swimming in it
    Dark chocolate almonds
    Getting a workout in
    Spicy Red Wine
    Nice photos!

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Layflat Coffee Table Book – Family Photo Albums

I am loving these little coffee table books to display family portraits.  They are really neat, have sturdy pages and layflat, which means you can use one photo and spread it across both pages.  I will be offering these in the 5×7 and 6×8 size, 20 sides with a shimmery photo cover for $105 through the holiday season, with additional copies offered at 1/2 off.

layflat book alanna1
layflat book alanna2
layflat book alanna3


Happy Thanksgiving, a little bit early.

I’m not sure how I completely missed my 4-year old boy’s little Thanksgiving feast at school today, so I decided to grab the camera and have our own little picnic out at a horse ranch in South Orange County. I love that our favorite places are the farm, open horse trails and the beach, all which are within 5-10 minutes of our home. South Orange County has so many great natural spots to hang out at no cost, all of them fantastic for shoots too! And I am happy that I got to see my little guy in his costume. It’s these little moments that I always remember.

Horse Ranch Shoot with Kiddos
Elly age 2
Noah thanksgiving outfit2
Elly open field
Noah horse trail