• Things that make me happy.
    Coffee...the yummy kind from Hawaii
    My 5 year old boy Noah and 3 1/2 year old little girl Elly
    Sleeping in til 7:00am
    The ocean, swimming in it
    Dark chocolate almonds
    Getting a workout in
    Green Drinks
    Spicy Red Wine
    Nice photos!

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Holiday Beach Photos in Laguna Beach…Mother Nature at it’s best!

One of my favorites from a holiday photo session in Laguna Beach yesterday.  You would never know it from this photo, but there were crazy riptides, huge waves crashing over people’s heads on the rocks, numerous couples who got drenched from head to toe fully clothed, and VERY loud howling noises from the ocean!  Mother nature at its best this weekend.  Oh and I had an uncomfortably close call with my camera gear almost getting swept out to sea and cut my toe wide open on a rock.  We were definitely testing our luck.  But of course all worth it in the end for the joy that the photos will bring!!!  :) 

Montage beach dogs


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