New Lay Flat Photo Books! The perfect little size for newborn and family portraits.

I found a new lay flat photo book company and let me tell you I am EXCITED!  These nice little books are high quality, have thick pages, lay flat across when opened, and also offer photo covers.  The lay flat books mean that the pages lay perfectly flat so that you can do a 2-page panoramic spread which is very cool.  They are the perfect size at 5×7 for family portrait sessions, and a fantastic solution to display your newborn photos.  $175/each and grandparent copies are $75.

layflat book alanna1
layflat book alanna2
layflat book alanna3
layflat book1
layflat book2
layflat book3
And here are some new two-page layouts.  I love that you can use one photo across both pages or three-quarters of a page!

artisan page layout1
artisan page layout2
artisan page layout3

layflat book layout3
layflat book layout4
layflat book layout5
layflat book layout6
artisan layout4
artisan layout5
layflat book layout
layflat book layout2
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