Clothing Choices and Day of Your Shoot Details

What to Wear

Clothing choices and hair are very important to the outcome of your shoot!  That being said, your clothing should reflect your family’s personality.  It’s important to be yourself and be comfortable, but the clothing choices really can help to make your portraits stand out.  Coordinate the clothes as best as you can with colors that blend well together.  Laying all of the clothing out to make sure that nothing clashes is always helpful!  Most families bring at least one to two changes of clothing per session.

Colors:  Pick two or three colors and wear different shades of it.  Coordinate the colors, you don’t have to match.  Go for clothes that compliment each other – simple is best!  I love patterns, layers and COLOR!  You can add a nice splash of color with a bright scarf, shoes, hats and accessories.  If your little boy or husband wears a colorful plaid shirt then pick one of the colors from the shirt and wear that solid color along with some accessories.  Cool color combos are blues with orange, yellows with grey, greens and blues…NO all white, black  or any one color!  Accessories which are special to you are always welcome.

what to wear

what to wear2

what to wear3

Wear layers!  I love layers all year long.  Layers seem to add another dimension and depth to the photograph.  For example layer a button up over a solid tee, add a sweater over a shirt or a jacket over your outfit.  If you are concerned about your arms then wear 3/4″ length or long sleeves.  🙂  Layering is the way to go for portraits!

Accessories:  These little details can help to make your shots come together nicely.  Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, make up done etc. just seem to pull everything together.  I love hats, scarves, cool boots, fun hair bands, funky tights….just a little bit goes a long way.  A favorite toy can make your child feel more comfortable so feel free to bring toys!  Just remember that the little ones will usually give better photographs if they are comfortable and not approaching nap time!  And remember to bring snacks and water too.

Be flexible, lighten up and don’t worry!  Things happen.  Kids can have temper tantrums, spill on their clothes, want to wear their favorite costume, get dirt on their pants and even jump in the ocean during the session sometimes.  Don’t worry, just let them be themselves, go with it and have fun!  It’s ok!!!  Try to relax and enjoy the family during your shoot and remember to be yourself.

what to wear6

Please avoid oversized clothing, busy prints, bulky clothing, shirts with big logos and white for solo shots!  If wearing plaid great just pick a solid color for the other person and accessorize and/or layer.  I encourage you to bring a couple of clothing choices, and please bring a hairbrush along as well if the “stray hairs” bother you in the final photo.

Please do not tell your child to smile and “say cheese” as it tends to look fake and forced.  I will do my best to work with your kids to get them to laugh! And I’m totally ok with the parents making faces behind my back, it works pretty well actually in making your children laugh!

what to wear5

Newborn Sessions

It’s best to photograph newborn babies within the first 2 weeks of life (preferably week 1) when they are “fresh” and without baby acne.  If the curled up, zonked out sleepy look is what you are wanting to capture, please let me know what your due date is and I’ll be sure to make a note of it on my calendar.  Our session can last up to 3-4 hours depending on the baby.  The small details can make a big difference in capturing a happy baby!  Please feed your baby (undressed with just a diaper cover on) when you arrive so that he or she has a full tummy.  Do your best to keep the baby awake for 2 hours prior to our start time.  The idea is to have the baby nice and full and also tired (but not overly tired).  Take it easy the day before our shoot.  Babies and kids tend to get overly tired the day following a lot of activity which can bring a lot of fussy behavior!

I have several knit hats and diaper covers to choose from which photograph very well. My favorite hats come from and I usually have several earth toned hats on hand.  If you are looking for something specific please let me know as soon as possible and I can usually get something ordered for you.  Moms if you are worried about what to wear to be photographed with your baby just after giving birth, go for long sleeves and something fitting and not too loose.  Black is slimming and earth tones always look very natural.  I love bright solid colors too so please bring some if you have anything you would like to be photographed in.  Please coordinate dad and any siblings with your clothing as well and avoid any busy patterns.  Siblings are welcome!  We are very child friendly and have several toys and a large area for the kids to play while baby is being photographed.

what to wear newborns

what to wear newborns1
Maternity Session

During your session your comfort is very important.  For maternity shoots please do not wear anything elastic on your belly for a few hours before your session as elastic can leave unflattering markings!  Watches & jewelry can have the same effect.  Keeping the jewelry choices simple works best in pictures.  And your feet – If your feet were anything like mine and are always swollen, wearing flip-flops before your session is advised (tight socks can leave marks)!  Avoid oils & lotions before your session as they can both add shine to your tummy.  And bring your water to keep hydrated.

what to wear maternity

Home Sessions
At the start of each session I will look through your home to find the best light.  Don’t worry about cleaning, just a minor tidying up is fine!  For the newborn shoots I do need enough space near a window to set up my beanbag ottoman, flooring and background stand – roughly about a 10-foot area and preferable near a nice window with natural light.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Please schedule as soon as you realize that you’d like to have photographs taken.  When the Holiday Season rolls around, appointments will be booked well in advance so contact me as soon as possible so I can fit you in and we have time to order prints and avoid rush fees at the lab.  Please note that session fees are due within 5 days of scheduling your session.

Christmas Cards and Birth Announcements:  I am now offering high quality Tri-Fold Birth Announcements (6-sided) for a fantastic price (contact me for details).  And I have partnered with and Tiny Prints for all holiday and other announcement cards and charge a small upload fee ($25) if you choose to use their service verses buying the digital images.

After your session is finished:  After your session I edit each individual photo and process them through Lightroom and Photoshop.  Editing times can take up to 3 weeks.  Once your photos are edited I will send you a link to a slideshow and a gallery from which you will choose your photos from.  I offer digital images, prints, birth announcement and Christmas cards, metal prints, gallery wrapped canvas’s and layflat albums.  I recommend for printing, however please make sure that the automatic color correct setting is turned off in your personal settings prior to ordering as all prints are already color corrected.