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    Coffee...the yummy kind from Hawaii
    My 5 year old boy Noah and 3 1/2 year old little girl Elly
    Sleeping in til 7:00am
    The ocean, swimming in it
    Dark chocolate almonds
    Getting a workout in
    Green Drinks
    Spicy Red Wine
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Flower Fields in South Orange County…Spring mini-sessions around the corner!

The flowers are back and spring is right around the corner!  Mini-sessions anyone?  :)

Calista flower fields


Tips for Photographing Kids

Photographing kids can be a ‘challenging’ adventure!  Which is why I want to share my own experience with my 3 1/2 year old’s recent shoot for a little girls clothing company.  As a photographer my rules are relax, be yourself, have fun, play, and don’t worry about looking perfect.  Just be yourself and let the kids behave as they normally do without adding extra stresses to the day.

So as a kids photographer and mom, I was (lets just say) ‘less than thrilled’ about my little girl’s strange (ok atrocious might be a better word) behavior.  She did have a bad fall 5 minutes before we left the house which I’m guessing set off some very unpredictable behavior.  The photographer was great with kids and a dad himself, but she just refused to participate.  I know she probably felt our stress which was making matters even worse.  We ended up leaving to get a nap and some lunch in, and came back fresh 2 hours later.  I decided to call the big guns in (aka grandma), as grandma always knows how to save the day when it comes to the kids!  Fast forward two hours later and my little spunky 3-year old still refused to participate and was acting very odd.  I tried to follow my own rules, but finally had to take her aside after nothing was working and talk about what was bothering her.  She told me that she would take pictures if I did them myself instead of ‘the boy’.  She was scared.


The photographers fortunately let me use their backup camera and I was able (with grandmas help) to get finally get some really nice and natural shots.  So after spending the entire day in utter protest, in 30 minutes Elly wore 3 different outfits with 3 different background settings and was great.  She cooperated and started having fun.  While the day was a HUGE challenge and I’m 99.9% certain that we won’t be asked back, I learned an important lesson.  Not to ever force my kids (who are used to be being photographed all the time) into doing something that they just don’t want to do.  Once I relaxed and starting playing with my daughter and making the shoot fun is when she in turn relaxed and started acting like herself again.


So if your kids are acting up on a shoot take a breather, step back and let them just play and be themselves.  The difference is everything!  And if that doesn’t work is why I have a make-up policy which is try again later or on another day. :)  Photos to come once I receive them.