• Things that make me happy.
    Coffee...the yummy kind from Hawaii
    My 4 year old boy Noah and 3 year old little girl Elly
    Sleeping in til 7:00am
    The ocean, swimming in it
    Dark chocolate almonds
    Getting a workout in
    Green Drinks
    Spicy Red Wine
    Nice photos!

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It’s Christmas Card Season!!!

September is right around the corner and guess what time of the year it is again?  Christmas card season!!!  School is starting up again and before we know it Christmas will be right around the corner.  Seriously!  I will be taking family sessions and mini-sessions starting mid-September.  Please contact me if you’d like to schedule!    Locations will be South Laguna Beach and SJC.  I just ordered my own family cards, here they are.  One chore written off the list!  :)  

Xmas card lubbers 2014


one-year old baby photo session, happy birthday little Madeline!

I was very humbled to meet one-year old baby Madeline.  She is a true fighter who has been through a lot in her life at just one years old.  Little Madeline was born a one+pound preemie, and has survived the challenges that that brings including heart surgery.  She is a true miracle and such a sweet little girl.  So a big congrats to mom and grandma, Madeline is one very lucky and special little girl!

one year old girl blog1
one year old girl blog2
one year old girl blog3
one year old girl blog4
one year old girl blog5
one year old girl blog6
one year old girl blog7