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Organizing portraits into a picture frame – Dana Point Photographer

Organizing your family portraits and choosing a nice mix of photos to go together can be a little tricky.  The same challenge is true for when creating a photo album.  Here are a few tips to help you get through it!

When choosing your photos, you will want them to blend nicely together so that the ‘flow’ feels right, and nothing jumps out at you.  Try mixing some different poses, expressions, and sizes together in order to create a little diversity in the overall look.  Add some photos to the blend that show your true personalities.

Here is an example of a recent shoot I did.  I organized the photos into this antique frame (which was emailed to me) using Photoshop.  Definitely makes the client’s decision much easier to choose when they are able to see a nice and diverse layout in their own frame!  

Picture Frame Order blog


All little girls should have princess dresses! Orange County Children’s and Family Photographer

“I am not a princess, I am a goddess. I’m going to get married now, goodbye…I will miss you.”

Behaving like a goddess is a big job.  Dress made by her talented grandma!

Elly blue dress blog


Editing Example-Before and After

I occasionally get asked the question about why photos need to be edited.  I like to edit each photo not only for coloring and light adjustments, but I sharpen the eyes, brighten the teeth and hair, and smooth out skin complexions as needed.  I can also remove spots on shirts and things out of the background when necessary (like marks on a wall that may not look good or a person on the beach who photo bombed your session).  Here is a recent example of the before and after…

Mason Before Blog
Mason after blog